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Join a Committee

Would you be willing to devote some of your time to a special event for NHHPCO this year? We are looking for enthusiastic new members for the following committees:

  • The Annual Fall Conference Committee (Nov)
  • The St. Anselm Education Day Committee (March)
  • The Annual Golf Tournament (August)
  • The Development Committee (for new events for community education and fundraising). The Education Committee is looking for a HPNA certified trainer to conduct a certification prep course for RNs. This prep course is offered once or twice a year, at the convenience of the trainer, and is a reimbursed position.

Committee members would be asked to attend planning meetings a few times a year - mostly by conference call.

We welcome anyone with an interest to support hospice and palliative care at the statewide level. Committees are a great opportunity to share ideas, skills, and resources, as well as make new friends and meet colleagues.

Contact Janice McDermott at jmcdermott@nhhpco.org to join a group.

NHHPCO Responds to the Statewide Opioid Crisis

As a result of the NHHPCO Fall Conference panel discussion “Medication Management - Safe Transitions in Care” a working group has been formed to review the work of the state Drug Task Force and resulting emergency rules to protect access to pain medication for patients receiving palliative care and hospice while also reducing the opportunities for diversion. Under the leadership of Phil Lawson, MD, this group is addressing:

  1. Universal Screening and education including benefits as well as risks
  2. Agreements on process and disposal
  3. Risk Stratification
  4. Tools to support safest care applied based on risk: pill counts, single caregiver responsible, locked boxes, +/- initial urine screens
  5. Actions to assist when aberrancy occurs and balancing harm reduction with best symptom management
  6. Disposal

Please let us know if you are interested in joining this group by contacting Janice McDermott at jmcdermott@nhhpco.org

In addition to the “working group”, NHHPCO is partnering with the NH Comprehensive Cancer Collaboration’s Quality of Life Task Force to assess the current practice in our state to improve outcomes for cancer patients who report unmanaged pain. A $1,000 grant has been awarded to create a patient and provider education tool to raise awareness of evidence based non-pharmacological pain management techniques. The QOL Task Force co-chairs are Janice McDermott, NHHPCO and Chris Howard, Oncology Resource Coordinator Elliot Regional Cancer Center and members include representatives from cancer centers statewide.

What to Expect in 2016

We're delighted to share a video from the Hospice Action Network about what to expect in 2016. Hold tight - it's going to be a busy year!


Therapeutic Cannabis in the Granite State

Ready or not, in March 2016, therapeutic cannabis will be distributed in four sites in NH. Visit our News page for more about the process involved, qualifications, and site locations.

From Nine to Ninety

From PBS comes a compelling 30 minute film of one woman who surprises her family about her decisions regarding end of life care. Watch the trailer below. PBS will be providing opportunities to watch the film throughout the year.

"If your eyes don't well up by the final frames of Nine To Ninety, you should have your heart examined."

-Allan Fallow, AARP

"The filmmakers hope the documentary will encourage other families to have difficult, but necessary conversations about end-of-life care. 'What does it take to live, love and die with dignity and grace in the modern age?'"

-Emily Gurnon, NEXT AVENUE

NHPCO Prognosis Video

Jennifer Kennedy of NHPCO has provided us with a video and PDF detailing hospice prognosis procedures.

NH participates in national observance to make advance health care decisions

A new study released by the Foundation for Healthy Communities found that only 37 percent (506) of 1,363 patients’ medical records reviewed in 25 acute care hospitals had documentation identifying who they would want to make decisions for them if they lacked the capacity to do so.

The Foundation for Healthy Communities and many other organizations in New Hampshire will observe “National Healthcare Decisions Day” on April 16th in an effort to highlight the importance of advance healthcare directives. Governor Maggie Hassen issued a proclamation recognizing April 16, 2015, as HEALTHCARE DECISIONS DAY in New Hampshire. “National Healthcare Decisions Day is a reminder to talk with family or friends about your wishes in the event of a medical crisis,” said Shawn LaFrance, executive director of the Foundation for Healthy Communities. “Conversations and completion of an advance directive allows you to decide who will make your health care decisions if you lack the capacity to do so.”

In a related study involving 319 patients from nine hospice programs in in the state, the NH Hospice and Palliative Care Organization found that 84 percent of the patients surveyed had an advance directive when admitted into hospice.

“The focus of National Healthcare Decisions Day is on education,” LaFrance added. “Its aim is to increase the number of people who understand the importance of advance care directives and planning for serious illness or end-of-life care. The Foundation for Healthy Communities provides information to help people address the topic with family, friends and healthcare providers and complete a written advance directive, such as healthcare power of attorney and a living will, in accordance with New Hampshire law.” The Foundation’s advance care planning guide and a brief education video are available free of charge online at www.healthynh.com.

The Foundation for Healthy Communities is a nonprofit corporation that exists to improve health and health care in NH communities through partnerships that engage individuals and organizations.

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