The New Hampshire Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHHPCO), is a charitable, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.

Last year, approximately 4,500 people in New Hampshire were served by hospice and palliative care programs. Such care has been consistently reported to contribute to a much higher quality of life for both the patient and their supporting family and friends.

NHHPCO is the only state-wide organization dedicated to promoting excellence in care for those facing such life-limiting situations by:

  • Educating healthcare professionals, and other caregivers, who provide care in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient, and homecare settings.
  • Raising public awareness and expectations for quality hospice and palliative care.
  • Advocating for legislative and regulatory changes that improve patient choice and access to quality care.
  • Providing professional networking opportunities for membership.
  • Engaging organizations to participate with us in our vision and mission.

Current and recent activities include:

  • Addressing the needs of NH Veterans at end-of-life by working to expand hospice and palliative care training to clinical staff in home care, long-term care and hospital palliative care settings around issues specific to Veterans.
  • Conducting surveys on access to palliative care services in partnership with the NH Comprehensive Cancer Collaboration.
  • Hosting a leadership event for physicians and state officials on access to and disposal of opioids for use in end-of-life care.
  • Working with legislators and our members in 2011 to pass a bill creating a Hospice Medicaid Benefit for New Hampshire.

Strategic Goals

VISION: All people in New Hampshire will have access to excellent care that is valuable and meaningful to them when facing life-threatening conditions. 

RATIONALE: NHHPCO exists to benefit the people of New Hampshire. In collaboration with others, NHHPCO advocates for improved access to excellent hospice and palliative care and for related services to meet health needs of people facing life-threatening conditions and provide support to their families.

NHHPCO works to foster a climate in New Hampshire that facilitates the work of provider members to further their own vision and mission in their local communities, and contributes to their capacity building and development.


  1. Increase public awareness of hospice and palliative care
  2. Advocate effectively to improve access to hospice and palliative care
  3. Expand membership to represent those who have a stake in promoting excellent care at the end of life and care for persons with life-threatening conditions
  4. Support provider membership in delivery of high quality hospice and palliative care
  5. Secure adequate resources to fund goals and support the mission
  6. Establish NHHPCO as a strong collaborative leader in promoting services to meet health care needs of people facing life-threatening conditions and provide support to their families.